There is a huge variety of pool cleaners available at Apple Pools, ensuring our cleaners perfectly cater to every type of pool. The company strives to promote, where possible, environment friendly products that don’t consume a lot of energy, saving you money for years to come.


Cold weather is not a problem for the pool owners who use Apple Pools heating services. We offer the latest in gas, heat pumps and solar heating systems, all at very economical prices. There are many options to consider when heating your pool, so please, feel free to come in and have a chat to our heating specialists.


Amazing and vast varieties of pool lighting products are available at Apple Pools. Lighting adds that extra dimension to your pool area, illuminating and giving that tranquil, relaxing feeling, as you enjoy that night experience with your family or when entertaining your admiring friends.


There is a much-diversified variety available in pool pumps. A good pool pump is indispensable for any swimming pool. Pool pumps can add quite considerable to your electricity bill. That’s why we have the latest energy efficient pumps available, saving thousands over the life time of the pump. Customers are always welcome to come into our display at Box Hill Victoria, to get a better idea on what is most suitable to their needs.


A large variety of pool filters is available for the customers of Apple Pools, especially when considering renovating your pool. The highly skilled team at Apple Pools is there to help you with the vast selection of the filters available that are most suited for your pool. To ensure health and safety and good looking water, it is imperative that your filter works well. That’s why it is very important to choose the right media. We will give you all the options so you can make an informative decision. So why wait? Contact us now, we are ready to help.