Garry Clemence

“Apple pools have recently completed the renovation of our concrete/pebble pool which was built in 2000. The Mediterranean Blue EcoFinish and new tiles have given the pool a brand new appearance. Mark’s advice on equipment add this section at the start of the project was helpful. Paul’s work the renovation was excellent from start to finish. His attention to detail and quality of work gave me great confidence in the end result. I would definitely recommend Apple Pools and EcoFinish as a surface for covering a pebble pool.”

Les Bramblebee

“I built my concrete swimming pool mid 70’s and it was always finished with a two white paint coating. Some years ago crucial ingredients in the paint was banned. I then experienced continuous cloudiness, surface chipping etc. Three years ago I came across this new product “Eco finish and had my pool sand blasted to remove all paint and then Paul the applicator re-surfaced with this new Eco product.

Paul the Applicator for Apple Pools re-surfaced my pool with this new product. Since that time I have not had any problems- cost of chemicals has substantially reduced and my pool water remains crystal clear all year round.”

Susan White

“My pool was 33 yrs old, the old marble sheen worn off and had many worn pitted areas, and a large rust stain at one end. I was extremely surprised that within a week, without any hassle, I had a finished beautiful looking pool. Paul was very conscientious and hard-working, always polite, and Mark helpful and courteous at all times . I have noticed that the pool warms up quicker also, and the finish feels great underfoot. I have no worries at all recommending apple pools and the new echo finish.”

Michael Wilson

“I had the Ecofinish applied to my pool almost 12 months ago. It still looks and feels fantastic, but the best thing about it is you hardly have to use any pool chemicals…only put in some salt and a couple of litres of acid in the 12 months since installed….which compares with umpteen litres of acid I poured into it when it was a quartzon surface. Mark was great to deal with in negotiating a good deal and Paul’s attention to detail, including making sure all drummy spots were cut out and repaired prior to application, was second to none. Highly recommend the product and Apple Pools.”

Timothy Barrett

“The Eco finish looks very good and is easy to clean. The process to install it was hassle free from our point of view with minimal disruptions. Apple pools were good to deal with and helpful with our other pool needs. I have no problem recommending them.”

Mark Ham

“My pool is about 30 years old, the original marble sheen surface had all but disappeared and the render had become pitted in many parts around the pool. Consequently it required a good deal of remedial work. After much deliberation and consultation I chose the Eco surface and I’m very glad I did. Within 24 hours after the final coat was applied I had refilled the pool added the chemicals and it was ready for use. The pool is very easy to maintain. I’ve not had to any chemical since the pool was refilled, very easy to keep balanced. The nature of the Eco surface lends itself to the use of these new robotic cleaners now available, so it’s very easy to keep clean.

Put simply I’m very satisfied with both the workmanship carried out by Apple Pools and this new surface, and would recommend it above all other pool surfaces.”

Lisa Trovato

“We had our pool resurfaced using EcoFinish by Apple Pools. From start to finish the process and experience exceeded our expectations. Our fibreglass pool circa 1960 was in need of repair and a severe makeover after being destroyed by another pool resurfacing company. So bad was our pool that the coating to the shell was peeling off throughout. After extensive research we phoned Mark from Apple Pools and arranged to see a pool they had resurfaced using EcoFinish. Mark’s knowledge and praise for the product along with actually seeing it in the flesh was enough to convince us that EcoFinish was the product for us and Apple Pools the company for us.

Paul from Apple Pools had the task of fixing and transforming our pool. Paul’s workmanship and knowledge of pool building and restoration was second to none. We are thrilled with the results of our pool resurfacing. Our pool looks brand new and very contemporary. We would recommend Apple Pools without hesitation. Thank you for your wonderful service, advice and proficiency.”

Sharyn P

I am besotted by my magnificent pool. It is like a private lake not just a swimming pool. My son noted that it looks wider than before because you can’t see how deep it is.

When it was raining the water looked like lark green glass. Now that all the chemicals are in and the water is lovely and clear I am taking daily photos.

I decided to reinvigorate my SLR camera because it has a polaroid lens – so much better for water photos. Hope you enjoy this morning picture. I won’t bombard you but on a dead calm morning when the Manchurian pear trees turn – ah!”

Darren T

“We had our pool resurfaced recently and Mark was a wealth of knowledge in regards to the Ecofinish product which made our decision very easy. Paul the installer is extremely experienced and quite frankly there’s nothing he doesn’t know about the construction of pools! The whole resurface process ran extremely smoothly and Paul conducted himself in a very courteous manner. Our pool looks like brand new again and the Ecofinish surface is really easy to maintain, I would highly recommend Apple Pools.”

Bella K

“Having not known what we wanted and how we wanted it, we happened to come across Apple Pools. After the initial meeting with Mark, we knew Apples Pools was they way to go. Nothing was too difficult and everything ran according to schedule. Beautiful pool, excellent service – the perfect decision. Don’t waste your time looking – Apple Pools is the one.”

Jon C

“Highly recommended. (apart from his jokes!!) Always has what I want, when I want it. No job too small and always the right advice. Great service. Thanks Paul.”

Cameron G

“Very professional team. High quality workmanship and fully licensed.”

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